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Meet Diana

PhD   -  Life Coach

Abundant Life... Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Financially!

Doing what I love to do!

Diana is a Life Coach, specializing in Personal Development. She has earned a Ph.D. in Holistic Medicine and has earned a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Harvard (online).


Her mission is to help YOU live a healthier, more ABUNDANT life. She offers consultation, 1:1 personalized coaching, workshops, and a wide spectrum of online programs and classes. As a published author, speaker, and holder of multiple certifications in the field of wellness and business, Diana is confident in her ability to guide you! 

Ready to get started? Click HERE to be directed to my teaching platform, and start working your way to an ABUNDANT life! Let's set some goals, and create a strategy to ACHIEVE them!


You can live a life of ABUNDANCE-- Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Financially!

Diana currently provides a global, online community with the comprehensive tools they need to create their own version of wellness and success!


She understands that being an effective life coach is not only about the business skills, but about personal development, facing new challenges, and pushing through her own fears. As a life coach and published author, Diana’s passions are in nutrition, lifestyle, and over-all wellness.

Diana has been chosen as an interviewee in the upcoming film/documentary, 'Think and Grow Rich: Moms Rising', produced by Scott Cervine. Premieres Spring 2023.


She has earned a ‘Knowledge Business Certificate’ from Tony Robbins, and a Business Certificate from Harvard University (online). She has been published in 'Success Women's Magazine', ‘The AG Magazine', 'Stellar Woman Magazine', and ‘Mantra Wellness Magazine’. She holds a degree, licenses and multiple certifications in the field of wellness, and is an advocate of personal development!

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